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what can forest city castings
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The diverse range of services offered by Forest City Castings has created a niche for us in the die-cast industry. You can see what we’ve done for all types of industries, including electrical, mechanical hardware, medical, transportation, communications, nautical and an endless array of other applications.

The casting products that leave our St. Thomas facility are shipped to clients worldwide, supplying the industries with long-lasting, cost-effective turnkey solutions. Look through the industries below and see what Forest City Castings can do for you!


Forest City Castings has been supporting the electrical industry since our founding. Our team has provided fixtures and housings in many different shapes and sizes, meeting a wide range of product needs.


Forest City Castings can meet all the casting needs of the medical industry. With superior surface finish and low cost tooling, our graphite castings provide durable zinc and aluminum products at affordable prices.


Communications technology can change literally overnight. Our zinc and aluminum castings, with heat transfer properties and complex geometry, support this constantly-evolving industry.


Forest City Castings’ graphite molds provide all aspects of the transportation industry with ideal solutions for prototyping, helping leaders make quick, cost-effective engineering changes.


The strength and surface finish of our castings, including all housing, components, and simple tool casting products, make Forest City Castings the perfect partner for all industrial organizations.

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