Precision CNC Machining

what is CNC machining?

CNC stands for “computer numerical control,” and this process runs instead of manual control,in which live operators guide the commands of machining tools through buttons, levers, and wheels. The pre-programmed software moves the factory tools and machinery to control grinders, mills, and lathes with only a single set of prompts.

in-House machining With precision

With a focus on our customers’ needs, as well as the ability to reduce lead times, Forest City Castings offers complete CNC machining capabilities. Our American-made HAAS Machining Centers are equipped with four axis drives, allowing us to machine whole castings without removing them from the datum. This ensures accuracy and consistency, and with travels of 60″, 30″, 35″ xyz, we can machine any casting we produce.

We meet the changing needs of the industry

We understand the increasing demand for tighter tolerance in the die-cast industry. This is why we have two Makino machines: a PS95 with fourth axis and A51 Horizontal. These machines allow us to continue meeting all the demands of our clients!

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