Graphite Permanent Molds

We Make high-Quality, permanent molds

The in-house, turnkey capabilities at Forest City Castings assists you with concept, design, affordable tooling, precision castings and any secondary machining operations.

All production molds purchased from Forest City Castings are guaranteed for the life of the project. We can provide you with production capabilities to approximately 25,000 units per year. This makes Forest City Castings an invaluable choice to get your project to market quickly.

Rely On Our fast turnaround times

We have the systems in place to make high-quality work with fast turnaround times. The graphite system eliminates the expense of metal tooling. Tooling is computer generated and fed directly to our high speed CNC Mills, where the graphite tool is cut.

The speed in which graphite can be machined allows for rapid engineering changes, often in as little as hours, as opposed to weeks or months like other methods. Our expertise means that you can receive a raw casting from a 3D digital file in as little as two weeks!

why choose graphite permanent molds?

Graphite is a very stable material: it does not warp, twist or check when introduced to molten metal. We can cast parts with a higher degree of accuracy than sand or iron processes. The final castings are close to the American Diecast tolerances and provides a surface finish better than 125 RMS.

Graphite can also be stored indefinitely without changing shape, rusting, oxidizing or deteriorating in any way. This process will deliver high tolerances, cost effectiveness, and repeatability.

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