Value Added Services

We Add the finishing touches

At Forest City Castings, it’s our guarantee to never leave your project unfinished. Our company can provide the following value-added services to see your casting or mold to completion:

Chemical Coating
Wet and Powder Painting
Silk Screening
Pad Printing
Assembly Work
Vibratory Deburring

why are value-Added services important?

In making a mold or casting, it’s important that the client get a completely finished product. By providing value-added services, the Forest City Castings team ensures all clients receive something that’s ready to use. From the moment it’s put into service, what we design and cast for you will last as long as it’s needed!

all the services you need under one roof

Forest City Castings has the experienced, reputable team of experts ready to provide you with the exact services you need, delivered when you need them. Everything is done in our St. Thomas, Ontario facility, minimizing the supply chain and completing your project from start to finish. Our team stands behind all our work 100%, and whether your part is as-cast or requires some additional finishing, our value-added services make us the ideal one-stop shop for all your casting needs.

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Contact Forest City Castings to learn how we provide budget-friendly, professional services like graphite permanent mold castings, sand casting, zinc and aluminum castings, and much more!

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