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What Can Our Team Do For You?

Forest City Casting provides aluminum and zinc castings built to print, including exterior surface finish and assembly. By performing all these capabilities in-house, our clients will find that they don’t have to manage multiple suppliers and subcontractors.

From the initial mold to the final appearance of the product, the final casting you receive will be true to your end product. Learn more about how our Graphite Permanent Mold, Aluminum & Zinc Casting, Precision CNC Machining, and Value-Added Service can meet your needs. 

Graphite Permanent Molds

Forest City Castings has worked with Graphite Permanent Molds (GPM) for over 35 years, providing the dies needed to create aluminum and zinc castings. The castings that come out of our GPMs are guaranteed for the life of the project.

Aluminum & Zinc Castings

Forest City Castings has an in-house foundry with custom presses and controls to create our  high-quality aluminum and zinc casting. We hand-ladle molten A356.2 (aluminum) and ZA-12 (zinc) alloys into the graphite mold to create strong castings at affordable prices to meet all your needs.  

Precision CNC Machining

Our range of computer numerical control (CNC) machines allows us to meet higher tolerances and reduce lead times. With HAAS Machining Centers, we can produce whole castings without removing them from the datum, ensuring precision and consistency.

Value-Added Services

Don’t worry about taking a Forest City Castings project anywhere else: from cosmetic finishings like plating, wet and powder painting, and silk screening to added protections like clear chromate plating, our team can do it all. 

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Contact Forest City Castings to learn how we provide budget-friendly, professional services like graphite permanent mold castings, sand casting, zinc and aluminum castings, and much more!

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