Why choose Forest City Castings?


Trust Our In-House Casting Process To Complete The Job

At Forest City Castings Inc., we’re all about easing the casting process and helping you realize your project from design to installation. It’s why we do everything in-house! The engineering, graphite mold creation, casting, machining, and final detail work are all performed by our experts. This decreases production time and eliminates the need to go to other companies for servicing.

Our team is committed to providing premium, high-quality turnkey castings with superior customer focus for all industry types. When you choose Forest City Castings, you don’t need another company – we do it all!

Fast Turnaround Times

With accelerated lead times and all services conducted in-house, Forest City Castings can have a production-ready mold ready in as little as four weeks.

wide range of services

Our team can create castings and molds for many industries, including the Electrical, Medical, Communication, Transportation, and Industrial sectors.

Industry Certifications And Approval

ITAR Compliant and registered with Canada’s Controlled Goods Program.

Sustainable Focus

Molds and casting with a focus on recycling and durability for lower replacement needs. Our solutions will last as long as needed!

conflict-free materials

Forest City Castings sources all raw materials from well-known, respected suppliers. All alloys are free of materials that could drive conflicts around the world.

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Contact Forest City Castings to learn how we can provide professional services like graphite permanent mold castings, sand casting, and zinc and aluminum castings at affordable prices.

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