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Our company’s decades of manufacturing in a smaller community have shown us the true value of stewardship. St. Thomas, Ontario has been our home from the beginning, but as we’ve grown as a company, so has our community! Forest City Castings’ proximity to larger city centres like London and the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the international connections we foster, have given us a wider perspective on the impact our work can have.

See below for the organizations we support – and consider lending them your support, too!

Stewards To Our Industry And Community

Meeting the needs of clients is a priority at Forest City Castings, but we never forget the community that helped us start! In our everyday casting and mold work, Forest City Castings does all we can to promote sustainability for our surroundings and the industry at large, improving our connections to the suppliers and clients around the world.

We know our place in the supply chain, which is why our team also makes sure to source raw materials from ethical suppliers. When you connect with people all over the world like we do, community is everywhere!

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